Just for Fun

Whether it’s collecting rare baseball cards, traveling the world, or taking in a Raven’s game with family, there is no telling what Neil might be up to lately.

Learn more about what makes Neil tick and how his personal passions have helped shape his business philosophies!

“It’s not like the old days of collecting baseball cards.  Today’s cards are pieces of art – the collections I love contain a piece of that player’s history; like a part of their uniform, their glove, or their bat…”

Miniature Pieces of Art

Neil started collecting cards as a kid, like many young sports enthusiasts.  However, when he picked up the hobby later in life with his son, he was having so much fun he hasn’t stopped since!

Neil is drawn to the artistic expression of each unique portrait of a player.  One of his favorite collections is the 2005 Donruss Champions Series, which contains cards with player historical artifacts built into the design. 

Although he has a nice collection, baseball cards are not about depreciating value to Neil.  He doesn’t hide them away but peruses his collection regularly.  He always says, “Cards are meant to be enjoyed!”

“I enjoy traveling to far-away places with completely different cultures….I love people and I love learning.  I can sit and watch people for hours on end.”

Exploring Different Cultures

Neil loves traveling around the world with his family and friends. But it’s not just about relaxing on a beach. Neil likes to explore unknown cultures and far-away places to learn and experience how they live their lives. 

An avid people watcher, Neil can sit back for hours watching a busy market or a bustling street. 

Some of his favorite trips have been a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand with his son, a music based trip through Nashville with his daughter, and of course trips around the world with his wife.

“I admire everything about the Raven’s, from the ownership to their leadership, and the players.  When you hear them talk, you can tell they enjoy playing for the team.  Just like a great business, these are inspirational leaders that you want to work hard for.”

Business through the lens of Sports

Neil is an avid sports fan and huge Raven’s enthusiast.  It’s not just the on-field competition that imbues Neil’s love of the team, but also the recognition of a well run organization and superb leadership in action.  The idea of team work and the sum of all parts above the individual has always been important to Neil.

He draws parallels between the Raven’s team wide buy-in and “all-in” culture and that of other successful businesses. Inspirational leaders (like Ray Lewis and Lamar Jackson!) that can communicate and inspire others are the key components of a football team and any well run company. 

Neil also loves baseball and the scenic Camden Yards in downtown Baltimore.  He’s even visited all thirty MLB stadiums with his son.  But don’t worry, he still thinks Camden Yards is one of the best in the country!

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