Neil A. Katz

My Mission

Neil’s goal has always been to help and support the local business community.  After over 30 years as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, he has organized a group of like minded professionals with the mission of helping enterprising business owners, identifying and investing in local businesses, and serving as a trusted advisor to companies throughout the Baltimore region.
Working with Neil is different than partnering with a private equity group or investment firm.  He understands that relationships matter and is Baltimore’s most approachable and empathetic resource for any business owner.
Neil and his team are passionate about growing and building a better Baltimore!

Neil’s Story

Neil and his family moved to Baltimore in 1963 and have been active in the community ever since.  He has always been passionate about the city and the combination of culture, community, geography, and rich history that is hard to find anywhere else in the country.

He loves that Baltimore provides a friendly, small town culture, while still having a thriving arts, sports, and business scene. 

Neil started his first business, a commercial real estate brokerage company called Corridor Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC (later Corridor Reznick, LLC) in 1989. As an owner, broker, and investor, he served as the primary “rainmaker” for the firm.  He consistently negotiated highly favorable deals for his clients and partners, and his work in the industry was frequently recognized and awarded during their 20 year history.  

Since selling Corridor Reznick, he has invested in numerous businesses and sharpened his acumen running companies across a diverse group of industries. With his extensive experience, network of strategic relationships, and financial expertise, he’s able to help solve any challenge your business might face!

Get In Touch

Neil loves meeting new people and making connections.  Do you have a business you are trying to sell, an opportunity for investment, or a shared goal of making Baltimore a better place? Give Neil a call, send him a text, or email today!

Neil’s Cell Phone

(410) 952-9400



300 E. Lombard St. Suite 840,

Baltimore, MD 21202

300 E. Lombard St. Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202